Justin State Bank

About Us

Justin State Bank was originally chartered in Texas in 1907 and serves Justin and the surrounding areas. The bank prides itself on personalized customer service and hometown atmosphere. Customers at Justin State Bank are known by their first name and treated like part of the family. We are committed to the support of our community and our customers.

Board of Directors

Justin State Bank is under the leadership of a Board of Directors that serves the bank, its stockholders, employees and customers. Current directors residing on the board include:

Andy Creel, Chairman of the Board
Benjamin Rathjen, CEO & President
Curtis Tally
Brian Lent
Tracy Tally


To appreciate the history of Justin State Bank, one must know the backstory…

In an attempt to suppress the South and keep her from “rising again,” repercussions of the civil war included the prohibition of banks throughout the South. Texas pressed the limits of the new law and eventually won the right to free enterprise including banking. Because Fort Worth was the end of the Chisholm Trail where cattle drivers sold their livestock, need for banking spurred J.W. Spencer to found one of the first Texas banks - the Farmers & Merchants Bank in 1890. Mr. Spencer had a close friend, Dr. Pennington of Justin, who encouraged Spencer to open a bank in his growing community. In 1901, Spencer invited his new brother-in-law from Oklahoma to operate Citizens Bank in Justin, and in 1907 Citizens Bank received a charter from the State of Texas under the name of Justin State Bank. The newly named bank had its first president, W.N. Shofner. In the 100+ year history, Justin State Bank has been under the leadership of only four presidents:

  • Walter Newton Shofner (1907-1942)
  • Newton Monroe Knox (1942-1979)
  • Howard Young (1979-2017)
  • Benjamin Rathjen (2018- )

The bank has had three locations, each along what is now Highway 156. The original brick building with the Citizens Bank name on the front was dismantled, brick by brick, and reassembled in Old City Park in Dallas as a historical site.

Justin State Bank was founded on the spirit of hometown banking and is still committed to providing customers with exceptional customer service.

Notice: Justin State Bank does NOT maintain any social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

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